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Hair Thickening Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos were originally created as a hair care product that cleanses the hair and scalp by removing the uninvited build-up of oil and dirt, ultimately making your hair easier to manage. Simply shampooing your hair regularly and rinsing it well with a protecting deep conditioner can help in preventing some of the most damaging effects on your hair.  Over time with more research and better understanding of reasons of hairloss, many hair thickening products were introduced. Most beauty departments and stores sell a variety of products, serums and more which are designed for this. With the amount of hair thickening products on the market which claim to thicken your hair strands, it is only mind boggling confusion! The only way to figure out...

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Losing Hair

"Are you losing your hair?" Every time you look into your mirror do you see less and less hair on your head?  Are you spending more time stressing and thinking about whether you are watching yourself enter the early stages of hair loss?  If so, you are not alone.  Millions of Americans - both men and women - suffer from various types of it; anything from alopecia areata, effluviums, congenital hypotrichosis, hair shaft defects and hereditary hair loss. There are many, many types of hair loss and many causes responsible for each.    In the short term people just want to conceal their bald spots. KeraFiber was created as a quick and effective way to do just this and provide...

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Top 5 Hair Loss Mistakes – Best Hairloss Products

" Top 5 Hair Loss Mistakes – Best Hairloss Products   Hair loss affects millions of men and women around the world so you should never feel alone or embarrassed; there is no need to panic at the first site of hair loss. Just after diagnosis it’s easy to be fooled by many hair products that claim to offer hair regrowth. If you read many of the product descriptions on packages like these, although they say they will regrow hair, in small print there will be a disclaimer that says none of these claims have been proven.   Here’s our countdown of the top 5 mistakes men and women make at the first signs of hair loss, so make sure...

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