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Hair Thickening Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos were originally created as a hair care product that cleanses the hair and scalp by removing the uninvited build-up of oil and dirt, ultimately making your hair easier to manage. Simply shampooing your hair regularly and rinsing it well with a protecting deep conditioner can help in preventing some of the most damaging effects on your hair.  Over time with more research and better understanding of reasons of hairloss, many hair thickening products were introduced. Most beauty departments and stores sell a variety of products, serums and more which are designed for this. With the amount of hair thickening products on the market which claim to thicken your hair strands, it is only mind boggling confusion! The only way to figure out...

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Keratin in hair thickening treatment

What is keratin? You may have heard the word keratin before but not really know what it means, other than it has something to do with our hair, right? Keratin is a type of fibrous protein that is mainly found in our skin, hair, nails, in humans, as well as in hoofs, claws, feathers and fur in animals. This is an essential protein for all mammals and humans are no exception, as we rely on keratin for the thickness and density of hair and nails, which serve for protection and are a healthy part of our immune system. Keratin is very important in the human body and has a role to play in the skin’s thickness, moisture retention and absorption...

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Why is self-esteem important in the workplace?

The modern workplace is full of potential stumbling blocks which can affect your self-esteem. Many people are bright, breezy and full of confidence in their personal lives, but as soon as they arrive at work any sense of assurance is left at the door. For the most part, the way people treat you at work is not a true reflection on yourself. Office politics are commonly at play, and for your own self-esteem, it’s more important to stay true to yourself and not compromise your values than to become a sycophant to those superiors who throw their weight around without moral worth. Reducing the risk of depression One of the best defences against depression is to maintain a positive sense...

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Hair Thickening Fiber: How Many People Could it Help?

Hair thickening fiber is definitely a welcomed solution to many. We know this much from the positive feedback we consistently receive from our happy customers across the world. They tell us that they like the fact that it is natural, speedy and pretty inexpensive.  Our simple but effective treatment has helped thousands combat the effects of hair loss and we only expect this number to increase over the forthcoming years. With more than 55 million people suffering from noticeable hair loss in the United States alone, hair thickening fiber has the potential to help millions of people to reduce the effects of hair loss. Since one in seven men suffer from a genetic variant that increases their risk of balding,...

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