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Massaging your Head is Great for your Hair

If you’ve never had a head massage, now’s the time to start. One of the primary perks of having a significant other in your life is undoubtedly the head massages. Etiquette should prevail of course: he who receives a head massage must repay the favour in kind, whether that’s cooking dinner or allowing the other half to dominate the TV remote for the evening. It’s certainly worth it though, even if you end up in front of a Holby City double bill. The benefits of a head massage The potential benefits of a head massage are plentiful. Firstly, it feels great. I know that’s not particularly scientific, or scientific at all in fact, but if you ever want to see...

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Need thicker hair for a date? Use tested products!

It's date night. The pressure is on to impress. Your shoes have been shined (unless you're going for the casual look, of course), your goatee has been expertly trimmed, you're wearing that shirt which brings out the blue in your eyes...but what about your hair? Thinning hair is a big problem for many men. While male baldness is a widely accepted look, it is normal for men to feel self-conscious about their thinning hair, particularly when it comes to how attractive they feel to women. Many single men who suffer from hair loss report feeling less attractive to the opposite sex, a fact which can have a serious impact on how confident they feel. Unfortunately, this can kick off a...

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Hair Thickening Fiber: How Many People Could it Help?

Hair thickening fiber is definitely a welcomed solution to many. We know this much from the positive feedback we consistently receive from our happy customers across the world. They tell us that they like the fact that it is natural, speedy and pretty inexpensive.  Our simple but effective treatment has helped thousands combat the effects of hair loss and we only expect this number to increase over the forthcoming years. With more than 55 million people suffering from noticeable hair loss in the United States alone, hair thickening fiber has the potential to help millions of people to reduce the effects of hair loss. Since one in seven men suffer from a genetic variant that increases their risk of balding,...

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Which are the best remedies for hair loss?

 If you are experiencing hair loss then you have most likely come across numerous remedies. These will help your hair regrow and or thicken your hair. But the best immediate solution to you hair thinning troubles is to conceal your thinning hair. This is where KeraFiber comes in. We are here to help greatly improve the appearance of your thinning hair. No matter whether your hair thinning is severe or not, the loss of hair can prove distressing and leave you feeling flat and lacking in confidence. We have created three steps that, if followed, should help boost your confidence and self-esteem. Three step solution These three steps that will help you in taking care of your hair loss. The...

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Thinning hair: What steps should you take?

It’s easy to blame thinning hair on the circumstances of some extraneous event. Perhaps you’ve started using a new shampoo? Or maybe you’ve been drinking a little more heavily recently? It’s easy to assume that it’s a simple one-off incident and that everything will soon thicken up again once everything gets back to normal. In the early stages, it’s impossible to put the idea that you may be losing your hair to the back of your mind. It seems like the worst thing to happen to anyone, ever! The first stage of the process is denial. After denial comes anger. Why me? I’ve always taken good care of my hair! How has that guy still got such thick hair? Etc....

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