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Bradley Cooper & Non-Surgical Approaches to Hair Loss

Bradley Cooper’s star has shined incandescently since his Hollywood breakthrough in the 2009 explosive comedy The Hangover. Since then, Cooper has scooped leading roles in American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond The Pines. So there’s certainly no doubting Cooper’s credentials in front of the camera; but is there any reason to doubt the surety of his follicles? Well, the Hollywood rumour mill has been churning, and despite those beautifully tight curls in American Hustle, rumour has it that Cooper’s follicles’ days are numbered. Of course not all rumours can be believed, and certainly not those emanating from Hollywood, but if the veracity of the reports are proved, this will surely bring a little solace to all those...

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Can hair loss concealer combat ageism in Hollywood?

There's no denying that Hollywood is not the greatest friend of the ageing process. Looking young and glamorous is part and parcel of life on the red carpet and the silver screen. So what happens when that tell-tale sign of getting on a bit starts to plague the beautiful people of Tinseltown? Very little ages a glamorous individual like hair loss. The first signs of a receding hairline or thinning on top are instant indicators that a big star is starting to near the end of their career and, unfortunately, a thinning do is all too obvious under the glare of the spotlights. The problem is that youth is worshipped in Hollywood. The media love the young, beautiful and sexy....

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Can celebrities tackle industry age discrimination?

It's not easy being over the hill in Hollywood. In an industry that puts youth and beauty on a pedestal, those tell-tale signs of ageing can be a big problem for big stars. Forget playing the romantic lead, forget about attractive beach shoots, once mother nature starts to take her toll on the appearance of celebrities, doors start to close and the ever-present risk of winding up “washed up” looms ever closer.  Hollywood and celebrity culture is ageist. That's a fact. Although some older male stars like George Clooney still find themselves in great demand and even continue to gain female admirers in later life, this is generally the exception which proves the rule. And perhaps it's no coincidence that...

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KeraFiber Hollywood's Hidden Secret Revealed

It pays to look good for the camera. And if you are an actor or actress, looking good on camera is important. People spend huge amounts of money on makeup so they will look natural in photos and film. Makeup artists that specialize in hair know that a perfect head of hair is just as critical to the look of a person as the right facial makeup. For most people, how their hair appears affects their mood and attitude. Performers are no different. Celebrities such as Judd Law, Brendan Fraser and Woody Harelson want to look and feel their best in front of the camera or on stage. Touching up areas of thinning hair is a skill that makeup artists...

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