KF Beauty Launches CoCo Genix Cosmetic Brand
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KF Beauty Launches CoCo Genix Cosmetic Brand

KF Beauty, following the success of the KeraFiber brand, has launched duo of cosmetics products that expect to deliver phenomenal results. Developed by top US scientists, the CoCo Genix Pro-Collagen Cellular Repair Complex and Anti-Gravity Corrective Eye Serum - draws from the natural and proven benefits of coconut oil , combining it with powerful matrikene stimulator to achieve brilliant anti-ageing results.

CoCo Genix is an injection free alternative to botox and other invasive procedures, and provides improved moisture retention, the reduction in appearance of wrinkles, and a boost of collagen and elastin production. 

Some quotes from CoCo Genix customers: 

"I've had a tough time battling the 'worry lines' on my forehead since they started showing a few years ago. After 3 weeks of CocoGenix, they have been smoothed out! Aging is inevitable, but it is just so wonderful that companies like this create a product where we can look younger and feel younger!" - Robyn

"For nearly 2 weeks I've been using this Anti-aging product and their in a significant differences in the reduction of the fine lines around my eyes. The difference is so significant that friends have given me compliments on my fresh new look. This product is price reasonably compared to many other leading brands. I would highly recommend this product to anyone." - Tara

"Absolutely love this. Basic ingredients, hydrating yet light texture. I'm normal to dry and this cream is great stuff for combination skin type. My skin loves this formulation year round." - Hazel

For more information as well as customer video testimonials please visit www.cocogenix.co.uk

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