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Keratin in hair thickening treatment

You may have heard the word keratin before but not really know what it means, other than it has something to do with our hair, right? Keratin is a type of fibrous protein that is mainly found in our skin, hair, nails, in humans, as well as in hoofs, claws, feathers and fur in animals.

The Science Behind Hair Colouring

Hair colouring is a matter of chemistry which has now developed to a very common lifestyle for some. For a numbers of years now the hair colouring industry has been exceptionally profitable. The trade of at home hair dye kits alone is worth a projected £321 million annually.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness (also known as androgenic alopecia or alopecia androgenetica) is a type of hair loss which occurs when there is an underlying susceptibility of hair follicles to androgenic miniaturization.

Hair Thickening Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos were originally created as a hair care product that cleanses the hair and scalp by removing the uninvited build-up of oil and dirt, ultimately making your hair easier to manage. Simply shampooing your hair regularly and rinsing it well with a protecting deep conditioner can help in preventing some of the most damaging effects on your hair.

All about Hair Loss

For those that suffer with hair loss, it is definitely a big worry for both men and as much women. Some have stated that it tends to be extremely nerve-wracking, due to the amount of hair loss as it varies on the individual.

KeraFiber Hair Nutrition + Restoration Supplements

Want to know how vitamins and supplements work to restore your hair? Has this been something you have been yearning to gain more knowledge about prior using? Well here we have all the perks and advantages listed for you to take upon consideration

Causes of Hair Loss

There are various types of hair loss, while each of them has numerous causes. We select a number of common causes, and we would like to give you a better understanding.

How can Supplements stop Hair Loss?

The most common ingredient within hair supplements is Biotin. Here, we would introduce biotin to you and explain its benefit for your hair.

How to choose the best Dry Shampoo?

As we previously mentioned, there are a whole range of different dry shampoos in the market, and now we will tell you how to choose the most suitable dry shampoo for yourself.

Is Hair Loss Concealer suitable for me?

To find out whether you are a lucky one suitable to use hair loss concealers, you would need to understand how far your hair loss has progressed.

How is Argan Oil good for me?

Argan oil also contains plentiful amount of vitamin E, which makes it remarkably beneficial for our hair and skin, and argan oil has become a popular cosmetic product chosen by many celebrities.

Why is using Dry Shampoo a good idea?

Gaining popularity in recent years, dry shampoo has become an essential alternative for some ladies, but remains as a mystery to the gentlemen. Here, we will tell you what a dry shampoo is, if you haven't known it already, and how to apply it.

All you need to know about hair!

Hair has always been an important part of the way people view themselves and each other. Over the years many trends have come and gone, but the importance has always remained.

Massaging your Head is Great for your Hair

If you’ve never had a head massage, now’s the time to start. One of the primary perks of having a significant other in your life is undoubtedly the head massages. Etiquette should prevail of course: he who receives a head massage must repay the favour in kind, whether that’s cooking dinner or allowing the other half to dominate the TV remote for the evening. It’s certainly worth it though, even if you end up in front of a Holby City double bill.

Hair Follicles Explained

Hair follicles hey, the bane of many of our existences; if only hair would grow, and simply continue to grow until we shuffle off this mortal coil, but that, I’m sorry to say, is not how it works. Let’s not get downbeat, it’s not all bad, hair loss treatments have come a long way in the past decade or so, with hair thickening fiber, prescription tablets and surgical treatments on hand to combat thinning hair and increase our self esteem.

Does Stress Really Cause Hair Loss?

There has long been a link between stress and hair loss. We often say a task or event is enough “to make us tear our hair out”, but perhaps we don’t have to; perhaps if we’re stressed enough, our hair will fall out of its own accord.

Cultural Traditions: Do some cause Hair Loss?

Stress, age, hormones, diet, health problems – there are a huge number of factors out there which can trigger hair loss. Yet there are a few hair loss causes which you may not have considered... Some hairstyles, traditional to different communities, can put a lot of stress on the hair, causing it to thin and shed.

Cooling Caps: Do they Work?

When you're undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss (known as alopecia) is the last thing you want to deal with. Many types of cancer treatment cause alopecia because of the powerful drugs used to fight your illness. Hair loss in any situation can be a huge blow to self-esteem, leading sufferers to feel less attractive, more self-conscious and less like their normal selves.

Bradley Cooper & Non-Surgical Approaches to Hair Loss

Bradley Cooper’s star has shined incandescently since his Hollywood breakthrough in the 2009 explosive comedy The Hangover. Since then, Cooper has scooped leading roles in American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and The Place Beyond The Pines. So there’s certainly no doubting Cooper’s credentials in front of the camera; but is there any reason to doubt the surety of his follicles?

Why is self-esteem important in the workplace?

The modern workplace is full of potential stumbling blocks which can affect your self-esteem. Many people are bright, breezy and full of confidence in their personal lives, but as soon as they arrive at work any sense of assurance is left at the door.

The best hair fiber can help you succeed at work

The majority of occupations are stressful enough as it is without the additional anxiety caused by hair loss. Confidence is key in the workplace, and rightly or wrongly, many people judge you on your appearance just as much as on your results.

Adapt to a midlife crisis & avoid certain stresses

It's no walk in the park, getting older. The youngsters out there may be complaining about their quarter-life crises, but the mid-life crisis is not getting any easier for us to deal with. We're not the lotharios we once were, we make grumbling noises when we stand up from a seated position and we find ourselves increasingly tempted by that mid-afternoon nap. And yet, we still think we've 'got it'.

Need thicker hair for a date? Use tested products!

It's date night. The pressure is on to impress. Your shoes have been shined (unless you're going for the casual look, of course), your goatee has been expertly trimmed, you're wearing that shirt which brings out the blue in your eyes...but what about your hair?

Impress your man and use natural hair fibers

Femininity and voluminous, lustrous hair have long been intimately related. You only need to look as far as Botticelli's Birth of Venus to see that sex appeal and physical attractiveness are closely related to a woman's crowning glory – and have been for centuries.

Can hair loss concealer combat ageism in Hollywood?

There's no denying that Hollywood is not the greatest friend of the ageing process. Looking young and glamorous is part and parcel of life on the red carpet and the silver screen. So what happens when that tell-tale sign of getting on a bit starts to plague the beautiful people of Tinseltown?

Can celebrities tackle industry age discrimination?

It's not easy being over the hill in Hollywood. In an industry that puts youth and beauty on a pedestal, those tell-tale signs of ageing can be a big problem for big stars. Forget playing the romantic lead, forget about writhing around in a pair of sparkly hot pants, once mother nature starts to take her toll on the appearance of celebrities, doors start to close and the ever-present risk of winding up “washed up” looms ever closer.

Hair fiber reviews – what to look out for

Losing one’s hair is a traumatic and stressful experience, and it’s only logical that you would go to a great source of free information (the internet) to try and find the best method of counteracting this problem. However, when you’re desperate for a solution, it is all too easy to believe what you read, without applying the rational judgement you would otherwise use.

Hair fiber can rid you of those first date nerves

Gentlemen, do you suffer from self consciousness on first dates? The first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, just when you need to be at your coolest. All that pressure is enough to turn any man into a sweaty-palmed, stuttering mess. Yet for those of us who suffer from thinning hair, first date self consciousness can feel even worse.

Confidence is key in job interviews

The job market is starting to look a little healthier, certainly in the private sector anyway, and whilst unemployment levels are down and the number of opportunities for every level of applicant is finally starting to increase, the level of competition out there is still extremely fierce.

Are pregnancy and hair loss linked?

At any one time, approximately 90 percent of you hair is growing, whilst the remaining 10 percent is in the resting phase. On a two to three month cycle, the resting hair will fall out to make room for new hair which will grow in its place. One to five months after delivery, a process called Telogen effluvium occurs in just under 50 percent of women, resulting in the excessive shedding of hair.

Hair Thickening Fiber: How Many People Could it Help?

Hair thickening fiber is definitely a welcomed solution to many. Not only is this a completely natural product but it is extremely easy to apply and affordable too. As this treatment has the potential to help many people combat the effects of hair loss, these natural fibers have truly become popular over the years.

Who Uses Hair Building Fiber?

There are many different treatments available for people suffering from hair loss and natural balding; this can include surgical procedures as well as natural treatments like hair building fiber. Natural hair fiber treatments are highly effective as they are made from keratin proteins – the same proteins found in your natural hair.

What Makes the Best Hair Fiber?

With hair loss affecting more than 35 million men and 21 million women in the U.S. alone, natural treatment alternatives have certainly become popular, especially since they offer a safe alternative to surgical hair removal procedures.

How to Apply Hair Fiber Spray and Shake

These options are great for people who want to explore other alternatives that do not involve surgery; using a natural hair fiber product is a safe and effective treatment for hair loss and hair thinning.

The Benefits of Natural Hair Fiber Over Surgery

When it comes to hair loss there are a variety of treatment options available. However, some treatment options are better than others and it is always recommended that you carefully consider all the options before you choose a specific treatment option.

How Effective is Hair Loss Concealer?

It is estimated that around 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from this problem in the U.S. alone, proving just how valuable and beneficial an effective treatment can be.

Reduce Frizz While Styling Your Hair

If you want to avoid that frizzy hair of yours then you need to know why you have it. This is a common problem and men do suffer from frizzy hair too. Frizzy hair can be brought on from humid weather, rain, products and generally how you treat your hair. So if your hair is frizzy then what can you do to reduce the frizz?

Ways to Combat Thinning Hair for Women

Many women suffer from thinning hair, due to hair loss or damage. Much like with men, there are many common causes of hair loss. Although men can also suffer from a lower self-esteem as a result of thinning hair, the psychological effects are often far more substantial for women. If you’re looking for ways to combat thinning hair, the following tips could help to slow down, stop and even recover from the condition.

Ways to Combat Thinning Hair for Men

If your hair is thinning due to a medical condition, hereditary genetics or any number of other causes, there is no way to guarantee that hair loss will stop or slow down, but the following tips will help you ensure you do as much as possible to combat thinning hair.

Which are the best remedies for hair loss?

If you are experiencing hair loss then you have most likely come across numerous remedies. These will help your hair regrow and or thicken your hair. But the best immediate solution to you hair thinning troubles is to conceal your thinning hair. This is where KeraFiber comes in. We are here to help greatly improve the appearance of your thinning hair.

What are the quickest hair loss treatments?

Hair loss can strike without warning. One day you’re walking around with your luscious locks flowing freely in the wind, the next, there’s a handful of hair in the plug hole and your once resplendent mane is starting to look a bit worse for wear. Cue the stress and anxiety.

Thinning hair: What steps should you take?

It’s easy to blame thinning hair on the circumstances of some extraneous event. Perhaps you’ve started using a new shampoo? Or maybe you’ve been drinking a little more heavily recently? It’s easy to assume that it’s a simple one-off incident and that everything will soon thicken up again once everything gets back to normal.

Does thinning hair effect confidence?

The problem with vanity is that the changeability of our appearance is a natural and ongoing process. So if much of our feeling of self-worth is wrapped up in how we look when we are relatively youthful, when we start to lose our hair, the impact on our self-esteem can be considerable.

Can you use keratin hair fiber with hair styling products?

The realisation that you are losing your hair is a moment of true anxiety. The feeling of powerlessness can cause great distress and damage the confidence of previously the most self-assured individual. In the early stages of hair loss it’s all too easy to clutch at straws.

Can baldness be cured?

In short, no. We’re sorry that’s not the answer you wanted to hear. It is thought that a cure will be developed over the next decade, but currently the only medical options just slow the rate at which hair loss occurs without actually reversing it dramatically.

Cost analysis of hair loss treatments

As a teenager you simply don’t appreciate your thick, lustrous and healthy mane. As soon as it starts to thin you’re left to contemplate life with less hair than you would like. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century; a time when the number of treatments available seems to grow by the day.

How To Style Thinning Hair

If you’re looking for tips on how to style thinning hair, or how to style your hair to conceal signs of hair-loss, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a woman or a man there are different ways that you can style your thinning hair. We have plenty of tips for both women and men.

Why is my hair thinning?

Have you been worrying a lot recently about the thinning appearance of your hair? There are many reasons as to why your hair could be thinning, ranging from environmental factors to medical conditions, some of which are detailed below.

KeraFiber Facts

Unique KeraFiber hair building fiber has the power to seamlessly fill in thinning hair and receding hairlines, that trouble men and women alike. They blend in with natural hairs, and even bond to your natural hair for a secure placement. If you want to get back to having a full head of thick hair, give KeraFiber a try!

Tips to Use KeraFiber

For best success, stand in front of a mirror that allows you to see your full head. Only use this product on dry hair. If your hair is wet, blow dry or allow it to dry naturally before proceeding with KeraFiber.

Celebrities Who Use Hair Concealers

KeraFiber knows that celebrities are notoriously cautious when discussing their hair treatments. Unlike Jason Alexander, who has been going bald on TV over the span of a decade, the majority of movie stars do not like to discuss what type of treatments they rely on for thinning hair. While Alexander decided to go with a semi-permanent hairpiece, movie stars who still have some of their own hair frequently opt for hair concealers instead.

Celebrity Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists Endorse

New York's top makeup artists and celebrity hair stylists are recommending KeraFiber hair building fibers to their A-list clients. Among the top stylists are TJ Romeland and celebrity hair stylist, Leslie Correa. Makeup artist to the stars, TJ Romeland, said that "I highly recommend Kerafiber and will be using it on my clients that desire fuller hair without the fuss."

How to Improve The Signs of Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can leave both men and women feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Many people do not engage in normal activity when they are not feeling confident. There are solutions to the thinning hair problem that will boost self-esteem and provide the confidence necessary to perform in the world.

KeraFiber Hollywood's Hidden Secret Revealed

It pays to look good for the camera. And if you are an actor or actress, looking good on camera is important. People spend huge amounts of money on makeup so they will look natural in photos and film.

KeraFiber brings confidence back to men and women with thin and balding hair

Thinning hair might be a natural process for many of us, but the truth is that a thin or balding head of hair just isn't attractive. It makes you look a lot older, and it leads to many embarrassing situations. If you are tired of experiencing hair loss, then you might try one of the many popular solutions that should help your hair.

Top 5 Hair Loss Mistakes – Best Hairloss Products

Hair loss affects millions of men and women, so do not feel alone or embarrassed. No need to panic at the first site of hair loss. Don’t be fooled by many products that offer hair re growth. If you read many of the products packages although it says it will re grow hair in small print on that same package there will be a disclaimer that says none of these claims have been proven. Here are some of the top 5 mistakes men and women make at the first signs of hair loss, so you can at least work with some preventative measures.

Losing Hair

Are you losing your hair? Every time you look into your mirror do you see less and less hair? Are you spending more time stressing and thinking about your hair loss? If so, you are not alone. Millions of Americans both men and women suffer from various types of hair loss. From Alopecia Areata, Effluviums, Congenital Hypotrichosis, Hair Shaft defects, to Hereditary hair loss, and much more. There are all types of hair loss and many causes for each type.

KeraFiber to be sold at Colorado’s top salon Shear Productions

KeraFiber to be sold at Colorado’s top salon Shear Productions. Adding to the many top salons KeraFiber products are sold in, KeraFiber selected Denver’s top salon Shear Productions for their Midwest launch.

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