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KeraFiber hair fibres instantly thickens thinning hair

KeraFiber is 100% all-natural organic keratin protein

KeraFiber is completely undetectable

KeraFiber gives volume to your hair

Rain and perspiration resistant

KeraFiber 100% Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you're not thrilled with any of the KeraFiber hair thickening products, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.

See How Hair Building Fibres Work

See How it Works

Watch it in Action

View videos on how KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers completely covers areas of thinning hair patches in seconds.

Before and After Using Hair Fibres

Real Customers

Real Results

View the results of KeraFiber on real customers. Also, read reviews by various customers.

KeraFiber Range of Colours

Available Colors

Mix and Match

Colors can be mixed for perfect color matching. Mix and blend colors directly on hair or mix before your apply.

Experts Endorse KeraFiber Hair Fibres

Experts Say

Doctors, Stylists and Make-up Artists

World renowned Stylist, Doctors and Makeup artists endorse KeraFiber.

KeraFiber Hair Thickening Products

KeraFiber Hair Thickening Products

Hair Loss Solutions

Instantly builds your hair with natural keratin protein fibers. Adds thickness and fullness to your hair in seconds.

KeraFiber Hair Building Fibres or Hair Fibres

Imagine reclaiming the confidence you had before your hair started thinning. Or, how about looking and feeling young again by eliminating your bald spot? Now you can do all that and look great with KeraFiber hair building fibres, a revolutionary new product that instantly thickens thinning hair with all-natural keratin protein fibres. It's simply not just a hair thickening product. With KeraFiber hair fibres, you'll get the natural look you've always wanted. It is a product that's safe, affordable, easy to use, and most importantly, a product that works. Simply put, KeraFiber's hair building fibres is the only complete hair loss solution.

Unlike traditional and oftentimes expensive hair loss concealers that do nothing other than drain your wallet and you self-respect, KeraFiber hair fibres is a proven method that actually restores the appearance of a full head of hair at a price that makes sense and through a process that is simple and can be done in just a matter of seconds. KeraFiber is unique in that it's natural keratin protein fibres that quickly adds thickness to your head of hair. In literally a matter of seconds, your hair will look thicker and fuller, restoring your confidence, self-esteem, and attractiveness..

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